First feedback

Hi Tasha,
Your blog is up and growing! Nice work, especially with the looping slides, the video, the audio, and the links you've posted.
Some suggestions:
1. When you post links to Web pages, please link the titles of the Web pages; you can give the URL, too, but in addition. Some URLs are very, very long, e.g. those made by GoogleMaps, so we use TinyURL or bitly to shorten them .
2. Is there any way you can get the links to WEBSITES to show up on the right, as some blogs do? Blogs are notorious for difficult organization/navigation when setting up. :-)
3. AudioPal worked great for you, so record a welcome message, maybe highlighting where to go for help in what area. I also posted a comment on your Intro video -- way cool!!!
Great start, Tasha! I hope you can delete this post after reading it.